As a WASH Documentation Consultant for UNICEF Ghana, I helped document best practices, challenges, and innovations in current and recent UNICEF projects in urban and rural Ghana.

Recent proposal win included helping a small Cambridge NGO win funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, under the 100 Resilient Cities program

Provided research assistance to the World Bank Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) for the Documenting and learning from implementing rural sanitation at scale in Tanzania project.

While on the USAID-funded the Water Tracking, Estimating, and Reporting Support (WaTERS) and Water Sector Communications and Knowledge Management (WS/CKM) programs, provided technical assistance to USAID Water Team for communication products in water, sanitation, and hygiene, water resource management, and climate change.

Contributed to USAID Global Waters magazine, USAID Real Impact case studies, Safeguarding the World’s Water reports and the Senator Paul Simon Water for the Poor Act Annual Reports to Congress.

I was a member of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs’ award-winning (2002 Commonwealth Citation for Outstanding Performance) Community Preservation (CP) Team, where I ensured accuracy of 351 city and town GIS buildout projects, analyzed town planning documents, collaborating with other state, regional and municipal authorities to implement a community development grant program.

My doctoral fieldwork in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) “Urban Governance and Unequal Geographies of Water in Buguruni Ward, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania” that began in 2004 was the start of my entry into international water policy. Research included fieldwork in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and cooperation with NGOs, CBOs, and government agencies.  This project examined the provision of drinking water in Dar es Salaam in a context of public and private sector failure, particularly the failure of conventional approaches to reach informal settlements.

While based at Brandeis, I was a volunteer intern at the US Environmental Protection Agency in New England, where I did a small review of project sustainability and participation in the Casco Bay Estuary Project shellfish management program.

As an undergraduate at Colby College, we had numerous applied water and environmental research experiences, including our work on Long Pond in Maine.