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Urban Planning and GIS Services 

Service delivery is not just an issue for the under-served in Asia and Africa.  Whether it is water, sanitation, transportation, or open space protection, even wealthier countries need constantly improving and responsive services.  Recently, for example, the world has witnessed major service delivery challenges in Flint, Michigan and the major wastewater concerns in Rio de Janeiro that were highlighted in the run up to the Olympic Games.  Additionally, one cannot ignore the urbanization challenges that African and Asian

Clean water and well-managed watersheds mean a lot to me. In my hometown, water quality challenges are major parts of redevelopment in the area.  I have worked as part of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs’ award-winning (2002 Commonwealth Citation for Outstanding Performance) Community Preservation (CP) Team, where I worked on 351 city and town GIS buildout projects, analyzed town planning issues, and collaborated with other state, regional and municipal authorities to implement a community development grant program.  I have also worked with the  Central Transportation Planning Staff (CTPS), helping them implement transportation surveys in Greater Boston.

On top of this, I am a big fan of maps.  Even without a particular project to work on, I like to keep up with GIS mapping, particularly the ESRI suite of products and services.


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